Alok Jalan, MD, Laqshya Media P. Ltd., observes, “I feel this is a positive step towards consolidation in the highly fragmented OOH Media Industry. I envisage more such consolidation happening in the near future which would drive this industry towards a more professional approach. Value can only be created through consolidation and this is a welcome step in that direction. My best wishes to all stake holders for the new venture.” Imtiyaz N. Vilatra, Managing Partner, Milestone Media opines that “This is a positive development for not just Pune's OOH market, but for the industry as a whole. Too much of fragmentation only leads to doubling of efforts and inventory without commensurate returns. This association may signal a tectonic shift which has been a long time in the making in outdoor media. Consolidation is the new buzz word in various industries, be it telecom, pharma or media. Visionary leaders have realized that consolidation is now synonymous with growth and are acting on their beliefs. This is a far-sighted amalgamation which bodes well for Pune's OOH industry.”
Abhijit Sengupta, CEO, Outdoor Advertising Professionals (OAP) had this to say, "It is a very interesting development, and in the right direction. For decades the industry has been talking about collaboration if not consolidation, but nothing happened. And here there are three absolutely separate entities moving towards consolidation. It’s worth giving them a big round of applause, especially where the maximum amount of divergent views and modus operandi exists." “Sixth Element is a venture which I have been advocating for many years now,” says Pratap Bose, COO, Mudra Max, going on to add, “I am glad and proud that the majority of the Pune market will now stand as a single entity to face up to the challenges of the future. It takes a lot of effort, planning and energy to have worthy and influential media owners to join hands and stand up together. I have a firm belief that this venture will go a long way in resolving the issues that threaten the OOH market today and I look forward to their success."

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